Following an extensive 35 year career in the construction industry, Carlos Posadas wanted to launch a company that would represent the culmination of his personal experience, philosophy and approach.  He moved to the Monterey Peninsula from the San Francisco Bay area with his family in 2004, and launched Level 5 Construction, Inc. in 2005. Since that time, Level 5′s work has included high end residential building in the Santa Lucia Preserve, to small scale remodels, and commercial tenant improvement.


When asked what makes level 5 different?  Carlos replies “Simply dedication to providing a work standard, and fresh approach in a market and industry long over-due for ingenuity, progressive thinking, and cost-effective building.  My background in commercial building has given me the tools and mind-set to drive schedule, and ultimately keep costs and overhead down, without sacrificing quality.  This also contributes to my heightened sensitivity to environmental impacts, sustainability, safety, and the surrounding community.  I want to give back to this area, and be prideful of what we are creating. I take each project very personally.”

As to Carlos’ management style, he has high expectations of everyone contributing to the project… dedication, integrity, and quality. It is his job to constantly reinforce this message, and deliver each project as expected.

Work Experience

Prior to launching his own company, Carlos was the General Superintendent for a San Jose based commercial construction company, where he oversaw the day to day operations for as many as 15 projects at a time.  Carlos was instrumental in implementing cutting edge industry standards in the areas of project scheduling, project tracking, and leadership training for his team of superintendents.  His 35 year experience ranges from historical renovation and seismic retrofitting of establishments such as Stanford University, 278 Post Street-Niketown in San Francisco Union Square and various Bay Area churches.  In addition he has led the construction field team for numerous large scale retail, healthcare, and high tech projects ranging in scope from $4M – $55M. Many of these projects are documented in this website. In the earlier years he used his tools, that is, he was a carpenter and craftsman.

Client Directed Services

Level 5 Construction Inc. manages owner-client expectations throughout the building process by providing project specific resources.  Master Schedules, 3 Week schedules, Site Logistics Maps, Pre-construction Planning, and ongoing Budget Reviews and Project Management including sub-contracts and submittals, are all executed in order to keep everyone connected.

Level 5 provides a wide spectrum of solutions during construction, encompassing design-build services, value engineering, building/site aesthetic requirements, and public safety.

The resulting construction is integrated and balanced with respect to the specific conditions of each unique project, whether it is commercial, or residential. With project completion, it is clear why working with an experienced general contractor is the most effective approach.

Quality Sub-Contractor Partners

All of the contractors we work with are empowered to provide their personal expertise throughout the building process.  Keeping the subs calibrated on project scope and direction on a daily basis is critical to the success of the project outcome.