Residential – New Construction

Level 5 Construction Inc. is committed to client satisfaction. This is of utmost importance when constructing a personal residence for a client. The “Owner, Architect, Client” relationship must be in sync throughout the project in order to accommodate client involvement, decision making and partnering, while at the same time keeping the design process and project moving forward. Included here is a 6,000 square foot sustainably built home in the Santa Lucia Preserve, completed in 2010.

Residential – Remodel

As with all remodels, having an existing canvas with which to work, often presents even greater challenges and rewards than ground-up residential construction. Home renovation requires a great sensitivity and sense of planning. Level 5 will manage all aspects of design, feasibility, planning, permitting, demo and construction, thereby taking a great deal of stress off of the client. Upon completion, the transformation that occurs for relatively low cost, delivers great value to the home owner.

Commercial & Tenant Improvement

The approach to commercial and tenant improvement is clear, schedule, budget, and quality driven, All 3 are important when it comes to getting owners and tenants in the door. Achieving the perfect balance between the three is the challenge, and this is where experience in this area is crucial to the outcome of the project. Included below is a vast array of tenant improvement retail, office, and ground up commercial work experience.

Historical & Seismic Retrofit

Maintaining the historical integrity of buildings with design significance requires a tremendous amount of sensitivity, patience, and passion. These are historical works of art, which culminate the past, present, and future. The work often involves multiple phases, removal, documentation, restoration, seismic strengthening, re-construction, and finally, historically correct finishes. Public communication, safety, and sensitivity are ongoing. Communication and coordination are paramount. Included is a sampling of historical work experience.