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Wrath Tasting Room


Level 5 Construction, Inc. announces the completion and grand opening of the new WRATH Wine Tasting Room in the Carmel Plaza.  Work was completed and incredible wines were being poured for the grand opening event on August 12th, 2011.

When Christopher Whaley of Wrath Wines embarked on opening a new tasting room in the Carmel Plaza to highlight their highly acclaimed award winning wines, he brought Level 5 Construction on board.   Work included demo and refurbishment of a 720 square foot retail space, new storefront, plaster interior, exposed ceiling and structural beam detail, and new floor tile, were all installed.  All interior cabinets, tasting bar and finishes were crafted by Level 5.  The Wrath tasting room is a clean, contemporary, and welcome addition to the ongoing elevation of the Carmel Plaza experience.


“One would expect that the owner/tenant-general contractor relationship should be of primary importance.  In advance of our project, I had imagined that our day to day dealings might be fraught with many misunderstandings or tensions due to un-expressed decision making, adversarial at the very least.  What a breath of fresh air the working process with Level 5 turned out to be!  From day one, I was included in all decisions, introduced to all key sub-contractors,(who clearly take the lead from the great work ethic Level 5 imparts), and told in advance of potential changes, or decisions which needed to be made” commented Christopher of Wrath.


Carlos Posadas, owner of Level 5 expresses that his high standards and expectations of performance, communication, scheduling, and managing the budget, are what sets Level 5 apart.  Level 5 and their team of experienced and conscientious subcontractors were all pleased with the final outcome, given the tight schedule and budget. The project was actually delivered 10 days ahead of schedule.  “Project success is all about time sensitive solutions throughout the project, and total client satisfaction at the end of the project”.

Level 5 Construction performs work in the areas of commercial tenant improvements, ground up residential, remodels and historic preservation.

For more information, contact:
2094 Sunset Dr.
Pacific Grove CA.

Homescapes Carmel

Level 5 Construction, Inc completed work on the new Homescapes Carmel at Carmel Plaza in December of 2010. This 12,000 square foot retail space, which was the former home of Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s store, was recently awarded for STORE DESIGN at the Retailer Excellence Awards in New York, August, 2011.

Level 5 Construction Inc. managed expectations and an aggressive schedule throughout the Homescapes building process. The goal and challenge presented to Level 5 by Homescapes owner, Thompson Lange and the architect, Archworks of Monterey was to conduct the tenant improvement by incorporating the highest level of green building elements as possible for this site.


Level 5 took this challenge on passionately and recycled all of the metal, wiring and concrete debris removed from the site; refurbished and reused all wood elements and concrete flooring, utilized no-to- low VOC glaze on the concrete flooring, paint and sealer on the Honduran mahogany storefront. The new Homescapes site is a wide open, light filled space and will be the first in the Monterey area built to a LEED certified standard in the Commercial Interiors category.


The project outcome is one to be celebrated by the community, as a fresh approach to commercial retail space in Carmel. This was achieved by a collaborative effort between Level 5, Homescapes owners, the architect, Archworks, and Carmel Plaza Management.

Level 5 provides a wide spectrum of solutions during construction, encompassing design-build services, value engineering, building/site aesthetic requirements, and public safety. The resulting construction is integrated and balanced with respect to the specific conditions of each unique project, whether it is commercial, or residential. With project completion, it is clear why working with an experienced general contractor is the most effective approach. Level 5 Construction Inc. is a member of Build it Green.

For more information, contact:
2094 Sunset Dr.
Pacific Grove CA.


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